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"Breast Enhancement"Breast Augmentation

The truth is that we are not all created equally, but fortunately we can enhance what we’ve been given. Breast augmentation surgery is the key to feeling confident about the appearance of your breasts. If you have been contemplating having your breasts enlarged, re-shaped, or reduced please call our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Benjamin, for a consultation.

Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancement is achieved by inserting a breast implant through incisions made in the navel, nipples, or lower breast creases. During your consultation, you will be able to work with the doctor to determine which size implant would be most suitable for you.

You should consider breast enhancement if:

♦ you feel as though your breasts are too small
♦ clothes do not fit well at the bustline
♦ you avoid wearing a swimsuit
♦ your breasts have become smaller and lost their firmness after having children
♦ the size and shape of your breasts has changed due to weight loss
♦ one of your breasts is smaller than the other

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction, or mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure used to remove excess fat, glandular tissue and skin from the breasts. Unlike breast enhancement, breast reduction is commonly used to treat both men and women. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, and lasts two to four hours.

The intended result of a breast reduction for women is a more attractive contour, a smaller breast size and improved self-image.  For men, breast reduction surgery can eliminate embarrassing breast growth commonly known as “man boobs”, which is caused by the abnormal development of large glands (gynecomastia).

You should consider breast enhancement if:

♦ you feel as though your breasts are too large
♦ your breasts cause difficulty in breathing
♦ your breasts cause back or neck pain
♦ your breasts cause you to have poor posture
♦ you have skin irritation underneath your breasts
♦ one of your breasts is larger than the other

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