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What is Laser Hair Removal? "Call Today"

Laser hair removal is the most effective and long-lasting means of removing unwanted body and facial hair. Unlike conventional hair removal methods, laser hair removal permanently inhibits hair growth. Whether you’re tired of shaving your legs every day, or want to permanently remove unsightly underarm, back, facial, or genital hair, laser hair removal is the right option for you.

How Does it Work? (Aerolase & Candela Gentle Max Pro Systems)

Here at the G Spa International, our laser service professionals use the latest in advanced hair removal technology: the Aerolase® system and the Candela Gentle Max Pro system. The Aerolase® laser hair removal system gently emits energy that is absorbed by the melanin pigment in the hair follicle, which stunts the growth of the hair. After multiple laser treatments, the hair will stop growing, and your days of shaving and razor bumps are over.

The Candela Gentle Max Pro system is also offered, and works similarly. This cutting-edge machine is equipt with a Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), which delivers cooling almost simultaneously with the delivery of the laser pulse. Depending upon your needs and condition, our pros will determine which technology would serve you best. Click here to watch a useful video about the Gentle Max Pro system.

Treatments and Duration?

To achieve permanent hair removal results, the laser procedure must be performed only once per month for a few months. Although dramatic results are apparent after the first laser treatment, the laser procedure must be repeated because not all hairs grow at the same time – hair has multiple new-growth cycles. Each new growth cycle needs to be inhibited by laser treatment in order to permanently prevent future growth.

 Laser Hair Removal versus Waxing?

Skin waxing is also offered by our spa as an alternative to laser hair removal. Like all spa treatments, waxing has advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages are 1) it is less expensive than laser hair removal; and 2) after waxing, you can resume growing hair in areas if you chose to do so. The main disadvantages of waxing are 1) it is not permanent, if this is what you desire; 2) it is often messy if done at home; 3) it cannot be done unless the hair is long enough; and 4) it is more painful compared to the laser hair removal process which involves numbing the area prior to laser treatment.

Laser Hair Removal – BEFORE AND AFTER


If you find yourself lacking confidence because you have unsightly hair, laser hair removal may be your solution. Don’t miss out on the things that are most important to you because of embarrassment. Whether for personal or professional reasons, feeling confident in a social environment is a must.  Now is the time to act. Please call our professional and courteous staff in Clinton, Maryland at (240)-244-9010 for a consultation to learn how laser hair removal can benefit you. After all, you deserve it!


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