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Varicose and Spider Vein Treatment

Suffering from unsightly or painful veins? Take advantage of today’s newest medical technology that can permanently remove these dreaded veins. Our spa’s vein care professionals offer two unique and effective solutions for removing varicose and spider veins for individuals in the Maryland, D.C., and Virginia areas. Need to boost your self confidence? Call us today at 240-244-9010 for a consultation.

"Varicose Veins"What are Varicose Veins?

Blood flows through our leg veins because of the pumping action of the heart. Veins have valves, called leaflet valves, that prevent the blood from flowing back into our legs. When the veins become “varicose”, this means that the valves are no longer functioning properly, and therefore blood is flowing back into the veins causing them to enlarge. Varicose veins are often painful due to the increased pressure in the veins especially while standing or walking.

What are Spider Veins?

"Spider Veins"Spider veins, also known as telangiectasia or venulectasias, are similar to varicose veins but are smaller and do not protrude from the skin. They are tangled groups of tiny blood vessels just under the skin and resemble spider webs. They too are caused by non-functioning leaflet valves that normally prevent blood from flowing back into the veins. Spider veins, however, only present a cosmetic problem and rarely cause physical symptoms that require medical attention.

How Can These Veins be Treated?

Our Maryland medical spa offers two procedures to remove unsightly veins:

  • Aerolase® Laser Vein Removal
  • Sclerotherapy

Aerolase® Laser Vein Removal

One of the most popular and accepted means of removing spider and varicose veins is the laser vein removal procedure. Using the Aerolase® system, our cosmetic surgeons direct a beam of subtle energy that targets the pigment in the blood (Almoglobin). As the energy builds, the blood cells generate heat that damages the internal lining of the vein causing the vein to shrink.

After treatment, the veins will darken, and will begin to disappear over the next few weeks. The Aerolase® laser vein treatment procedure is effective, and very safe. It is minimally invasive, virtually pain free, and requires no general anesthesia or downtime.


Another popular and accepted means of removing spider and varicose veins is sclerotherapy. Using this method, our cosmetic surgeons inject a solution called sclerosant into the affected leg veins. This solution causes the veins to instantly shrink, and then dissolve away as your body absorbs the remnants. After the treatment, you will be required to wear a compression garment (stocking or bandage) over the treated area for about two weeks. Like laser vein removal, sclerotherapy is also a non-invasive procedure and takes about 10 minutes per treatment.

Which Form of Vein Treatment is Better?

Each of these treatment techniques is equally effective. There are, however, unique differences that may cause one technique to be more effective or advantageous for you. Our vein care specialists will discuss with you these differences, and recommend a treatment method.

Varicose and Spider Vein Removal Before and After

If you find yourself lacking confidence because you have embarassing veins, laser vein removal or sclerotherapy can be your solution. Don’t miss out on the things that are most important to you because of embarrassment. Whether for personal or professional reasons, feeling confident in a social environment is a must. Now is the time to act. Please call our professional and courteous staff in Clinton, Maryland at (240)-244-9010 for a consultation to learn how laser vein removal or sclerotherapy can benefit you.
After all, you deserve it!

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